About this campaign

The Doing Nothing Does Harm campaign aims to motivate and support bystanders to do something when they see or hear disrespect towards women.

Violence against women begins with disrespect. This is a national problem, deep in our culture and society. By challenging disrespect towards women, we can change this culture and ultimately prevent violence against women.

Check out the Phase one campaign here .

Our Watch has recently launched Phase two of the campaign, check out the new ads below and find materials to help share the campaign message on the Support this campaign page.

Who or what are bystanders?

A bystander is anyone who sees or hears something happen but is not directly involved – that is, they’re not the person being disrespectful or the woman being targeted. In the context of the Doing Nothing Does Harm campaign, a bystander is someone who witnesses disrespect towards women.

Who runs Doing Nothing Does Harm? How is it funded?

Doing Nothing Does Harm was developed under the Third Action Plan (2016-2019) of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children (2010-2022), funded by the Australian Department of Social Services. It continues to be funded under the Fourth Action Plan (2019-2022).

Our Watch, a national leader in the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia, developed this campaign.

Our Watch's vision is an Australia where women and their children live free from all forms of violence. Our mandate is to stop violence before it happens. Our purpose is to provide national leadership to prevent all forms of violence against women and their children. Our work will always be based on sound research and strong and diverse partnerships. Learn more about Our Watch .

The research

Our Watch undertook two phases (pre-formative and developmental) of qualitative and quantitative research to inform the development of the Doing Nothing Does Harm campaign.

Pre-formative research, conducted in 2015, comprised qualitative focus groups (9) and an online survey sample of n=1204 Australians aged 16 years or older. This sample was representative of the Australian population.

Developmental research, conducted in 2017, comprised qualitative focus groups (10) and quantitative research (an online survey of n=1059) of Australians 25-54-year-old Australians with a focus on three of the bystander segments identified in the pre-formative research.

Research was essential to ensuring Our Watch developed a campaign that has the best chance of empowering bystanders to do something about disrespect towards women and ultimately help prevent violence against women.

Media enquiries

To contact Our Watch's media team, please email media@ourwatch.org.au or phone 0448 844 930.